Jul 21, 2016
 Need i be Register for "Sell a Car" ?
No, you do not need to be Register for post an add on...you can Sell a Car  without logg in or Register. But you must have email.
How do I register?

Registration is absolutely FREE. Click on "Register" to register.
How do I post my Vehicles Classified  Ad?
Click on “Post an FREE ad" and follow the step-by-step instructions provided. You will be required to provide a category, subcategory , subsubcat. and location for your Ad !

Do you charge fees?

No! It is free to post and it is up to you to negotiate, meet and sell your products and services. We take no service fees. Posting an vehicles Vehicles Classified  is FREE for all.

How do I contact the buyer?

The buyer will contact you by email or phone and then you can respond. When you create a post you can choose to leave an anonymous email in which case we will forward any incoming email to your real email address. You can also leave your telephone number or any other contact information that is best for you in the post description. When a buyer contacts you, it will be up to whether to respond to them or not.
How many posts can I list?

As many as you want.

How are posts published?

Posts can be published by clicking a link in the email we send after you create your post. Alternatively, if you have an account, you can login and go to your “My Posts” page and click publish from there.

How long do posts last? How can I repost?

Posts last 120  days and then are automatically unpublished. You can repost it, which resets to the 90 day period.

How do I best protect myself?

It is best practice to deal with local people and to exchange money for the goods and services as they are provided. It is not recommended to give your product or service in return for check or other money offer.

What if I have been frauded?

If you believe the opposing party has engaged in illegal activity or made false claims, it is up to you to report the opposing party to proper authorities. We take no responsibility for seller and buyer claims.

How many ads can I post ?
There is no limit to the number of Ads you can post.

Can I have a picture/photo in my ad?
You can have upto 5 photos/images in your Ad
What if I forget my password?
 If you forget your account password, you can request that a new password be generated and emailed to you automatically. Once you receive the new password, you can either keep and use it or change it within your account.

I have posted my ad under wrong category by mistake. Can I change category?  
Ad can be moved into a different category by site administrator. Please let us know if your would like to move your ad.
I have attached a wrong picture to my ad. Can I change it?  
Yes, you can change the image anytime via yours administrator Panel.
I have sold my Item. Can I remove my ad completely?  
Yes, you can delete your ad using "Delete ad via yours administrator Panel.
and marks as sold/rented also.
I would like to submit a our logo/banner to display on your site. What should I do?  
To submit a logo/banner, you will need to create ("Register") Dealer user account with us. Once your Email Address verified and you logged on, follow Steps to submit your logo/banner.
It will be yours PROFESSIONAL/BUSINESS/DEALERS page in the our website.
Can i use third party Logg in as Facebook?
Yes, you can Logg in with third party Logg in ID.
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